A Family Affair DOLLAR MANIA, Independent, family-owned Dollar Store. A store built with personality, presentation, and possibility. Think about the last time you went into a dollar store. Were the aisles jammed packed and merely a few feet apart? Did anyone greet you or seem remotely eager to be of service to you? Was there a “new shipment” aroma in the air while you walked or tripped over fallen items on the floor?

With an opportunity to appear different, the Bailey family decided to create Dollar Mania! We strive to create a better shopping experience and believe that people can and should receive excellent customer service. A shopping experience should be pleasant and charming in an affordable store as it is in a high end store.

Whether your shopping experience calls for cleaning products, pet products, school supplies, Houseware or Hardware supplies, Jewelry, food products and more, Dollar Mania is all that good stuff, wrapped up in passion, commitment, and customer-focus service.

KEEPING IT PERSONAL Even as we grow, one thing that we have always wanted for Dollar Mania is to maintain a personal touch. We don’t try to make ourselves look like a big corporation. We are as transparent as possible.

No matter how big Dollar Mania will get, we always want to be accessible to our customers. We love connecting with people on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Our Policy on refunds/returns: NO REFUNDS! Exchange ONLY if product are Unsatisfactory damaged or defective. We cannot accept Exchanges after more than 7 days post-purchase.